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SMER-SD Would Support Early Parliamentary Elections


BRATISLAVA, June 12, (WEBNOVINY) – The strongest opposition party SMER-SD would fully support an opportunity to hold early parliamentary elections, if there was one. The party’s chairman Robert Fico confirmed this on air of the public-service Slovak Television (STV), in a political debate program titled O 5 Minut 12 broadcast on Sunday noon. “There is no other way. I don’t think that any government reconstruction involving other parties than those forming the government now would be helpful,” he stated, adding that parliamentary elections will have to decide all that. “Whether they will be early, or regular, it cannot be determined now,” Fico added. The opposition leader went on to say that the SMER-SD party will represent a very clear alternative. “We will be a very tough opposition. If there is an opportunity for early elections, we will support it, and if not, we will prepare really well for regular parliamentary elections in 2014,” Fico declared.

Deputy for the KDH party Pavol Abrhan reminded Fico that it is one year after the elections in which voters decided they wanted a different government than the previous one. According to him, the ruling coalition has an ambition to last for the whole election term. “That is why we entered this ruling coalition, we want to communicate with our coalition partners in order to fulfill the Government Program Statement and naturally to fulfill as much of our election program as possible,” Abrhan stated.


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